Welcome to the most fantabulous blog on the Internet! My name is Paul Anthony Webb, and I am a Boston-based front-end web designer and developer making awesome things (for awesome people).

I am a proud lefty, Aries, and space bandit. The only pencil I trust is a Ticonderoga. I was born on Easter Sunday, 1988 (not religious, but it’s an interesting anecdote). I used to be an "Army-brat". My parents despised video games while I was growing up, so I am making up for it now. I make music under various aliases, the most used being "the Wibby" (followed by FRSH×BTS and Spaceman Fresh). MUJI is life and Uniqlo is dope af.

I created this blog because there were many things I wanted to write about, but the content didn't make sense on my only blog at the time. At the same time, the .blog TLD was announced and the timing was perfect to start something new.

Every day brings about new opportunities, inspiration, and kick-ass “whoah” moments. Spread the love and do your part by inspiring others as you’ve been inspired!

(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ That's what I try to do anyway.

My girlfriend has a blog that she updates semi-regularly. If you, or someone you know, likes to read about mom life and/or creating crafts, check her out!

The quickest way to contact me is usually Twitter @NetOpWibby. This blog also has a Twitter and it's @wbbblg.