What. A. Year.

So much has happened this year, not just for me but my wife as well. Let's dig in.

I quit Instagram

A year prior I quit Facebook proper but it seemed disingenuous to continue using Instagram. Knowing that I was still in FB Land made me feel gross so my last post was New Years Day.

Attained Wakandan Citizenship

Black Panther was the greatest movie of the year. I want Kimoyo Beads badly.

Moved to Tennessee

Family friends invited us to stay with them while 1) I found a new job and 2) we found a home of our own. I would not recommend this as it was stressful in several annoying ways but it was only four months. Lessons learned?

  • Trust your gut (in hindsight, I should have seen my layoff coming)
  • Have a savings fund

Got more serious about projects

Socii saw improvements, Chew was launched, and I released some open-source modules and configs on npm.

Along the way, I discovered better "good practices" and I'm keen on improving them further in the new year.

Oh, and I transitioned from GitLab to Gitea. GitLab is a resource hog and reminds of old Wordpress. I am much happier with Gitea and it is customizable! I haven't done any customization though, haha.

My wife delved into sewing more, improved her skills tenfold, and is becoming known in the sewing community. I now have intermediate knowledge about cover stiches and what stiches look like when using 1-3 needles.

Bought more indie music

Stream life is just not for me, at least music-wise. Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music...none of it sticks with me. I've found myself using Bandcamp a lot more this year and I mean a LOT.

Some awesome musicians I've discovered are LAKIM, マクロスMACROSS 82-99, Eric Lau, Dent May, The PLAYlist, leon chang, YUNG BAE...I could keep going but that small list should keep your ears busy for a couple hours.


For the past couple years I've ended my annual review posts with my top nine popular Instagram posts but since I don't use that platform are some favorited images from my phone.

My favorite photos from the past few months
My favorite photos from the past few months

This time next year, Socii will have photo functionality. 🕸